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Understand All Your Rebar Options

Running a construction business is a lot of work. You have to purchase a lot of different supplies to keep your company running well. In order to purchase the best supplies, you need to stay on top of changing trends. By staying informed, you will be able to make wise purchasing decisions.

If you are looking for a quick, simple and cost effective method for splicing rebar, you need to look into bar-lock couplers. Bar-lock couplers are an effective method for splicing rebar and for compressing rebar. Bar-lock couplers can be used with rebar ranging from size #4 and #18. It is quick and easy to install. It can save you time and money. It eliminates the need for bar threading and for special bar end treatment. Bar-lock couplers are great for new construction and rehab projects.


For connections, you should use standard coupler. You can use standard coupler to join together any bar-to-bar connections that are the same size. One bar just needs to be rotated. Standard couplers simplify rebar splicing in areas where rebar congestion makes it hard to use traditional methods. Standard couplers are used in 80% of all confections and it reduces engineering design time. You can look online at A.H. Harris for more information about standard coupler.

If you need to join to rebars together and neither bar can be rotated, you can use a positional coupler. Positional couplers are used for hook bar connections and column to slab connections. Not only that, it can reduce engineering time and can eliminate rebar congestion.

If you have to join together tow different sizes of rebar, you can use a transitional coupler. It also eliminated rebar congestion and it reduces engineering design time. It allows you to simply connect two different size bars without a lot of work or effort. It is great when you need economic design options.

Before you purchase any rebar supplies, make sure you understand your options. If you need to join together different sized rebar, you can use transitional coupler. If you need to join together rebar that cannot be rotated, use a positional coupler. When you need to slice rebar you can use bar-lock coupler. You can find all the Construction Supplies by A.H. Harris office that you need online. They can provide you with all the rebar equipment you need to get the job done. For additional resources about rebar, reach out to A.H. Harris.
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